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Cycling Classroom

The Cycling Classroom programme is an educational innovation project developed jointly by the Regional Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Valencian Community Cycling Federation, which aims to promote the practice of physical activity and knowledge and awareness regarding cycling in schools, to encourage the use of bicycles as a model for sustainable mobility and to provide training in healthy habits and teaching values.

It is being implemented first in the recognised educational centres promoting physical activity and sport (CEPAFE), and priority will be given to centres where there is a local cycling club in the municipality. It is aimed at pupils in the 5th and 6th years of primary education and the 1st and 2nd years of compulsory secondary education.

Over the course of the programme’s three sessions, students receive training on healthy living, road safety, bike riding and cycling as a sport, the students become familiar with cycling through a practical session and face everyday situations in order to master road regulations and riding a bicycle on an urban circuit.