About us

Comunitat de l’Esport is a project promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation to position the Comunitat Valenciana as a benchmark in the world of sport.

The aim is to work continuously to make the Comunitat de l’Esport a palpable reality, relying on three pillars: increased sporting practice in schools, the technical training of sportspeople and putting on sporting events to attract more tourism.

The Comunitat de l’Esport was, therefore, created to bring together and organise all the sport that is practised and enjoyed in the Comunitat Valenciana. This brand will also provide support to our regional federations and teams. Comunitat de l’Esport will be present at the competitions held in the region and will accompany the athletes in their teams.

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation was born with the aim of promoting social activities that benefit the maximum number of people. Using sport as an example and as a way to spread the values of the culture of endeavour promoted by the foundation’s patron, Juan Roig, in all its social initiatives.

The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, is the highest official body representing sport in the Valencian Community and its functions include promoting sports activities aimed at all sectors of society, coordinating with the local administrations in sporting matters and supporting sports associations and clubs. In addition, the Generalitat promotes an extensive network of sports infrastructure in the Valencian region that facilitates participation in sport and places sport at the service of human progress, viewing it as an important aspect of education, culture, health and leisure time in a modern society.

The Comunitat

Welcome to a vast space with the best conditions for practising all kinds of sports.

+320 days of
sunshine per year

temperature 18 ºC

+23,000 km2 of
mountains and sea

+8,000 sports